What’s up next for the Healthy Globetrotter?

Well… A few things actually! These are exciting times. Having just returned from Singapore, I am firmly focused on the next few trips on my agenda.

In addition to making the most of Spring in Sydney, I’ll soon be heading south for a road trip around Tasmania! Starting in Hobart, I’ll reveal more about the itinerary as it is formed. I’m really looking forward to sharing this beautiful part of Australia with you!

After a flying trip to Australia’s capital, Canberra, I’ll be off to Taiwan for a wedding and some exploring. I’m really hoping to see some of the Offshore Islands which look incredible!

A two-week break from travel and then it’s on to Europe! First stop (but hopefully not the last stop!) is Brussels. This adventure is actually a business trip, so I look forward to telling you about how to travel well for business and your health, though I’m hoping I can also add a side trip or two to this adventure! As you can probably tell, I’m pretty excited about the next few adventures… Not that I’m counting:


Where is your next adventure taking you?


6 thoughts on “What’s up next for the Healthy Globetrotter?

  1. Agness and Cez

    You certainly are a true traveller. Keep it up! While you’re on your Asia trip, let us know if you’re going to Cambodia and we may spare the room for you in our house.

    Good luck and have fun!

  2. Sruthi Ravi

    Loving the blog Leah. You’ve actually inspired me to finally get off my ass and actually start publishing my own writings on my travels. I’ll let you know once I get it up and running.

    On a more related note: I just returned from Belgium, so I can definitely give you a recommendation or two for Brussels. I’m not sure if Bruges is on the agenda, but if you can squeeze it in, even for a day, it is a must. It is such a beautiful beautiful city! You will love it!

  3. kelly

    Advice from someone who linved in Canberra. you dont need four days. the war memorial is a good place to visit, will take about 3-4 hours, this includes the meuseum and history. parliament is ok will only take 1 hour. the art gallery and meuseum are nice but in my opinion can be missed if you are not into art. the attractions of Canberra in my opinion is actually just accross the border in NSW. it has an incredible wine region in murrabateman. the shaw winery is a great place for a lunch break as you taste the wines of the region. i would start with breakfast or a less expensive lunch at Poaches Pantry. Although this area is known as the canberra wine region it is actually in NSW. Also along the healthy theme. walking up Mount Ainslee, located behind the war memorial will give you a great and free view of Canberra. the walk takes 40-45 minutes up, or run i am only guessing but i think it would take 25 min up.

    1. thehealthyglobetrotter Post author

      Thanks Kelly! I’ve been to Canberra a few times and I love the run up Mt Ainslee! Just a quick trip this time to visit my sister for Christmas, though I must admit I love the tour you can do of Old Parliament House! Thanks for the suggestions – i’ll keep them in mind! 🙂


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