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Relaxing in Strahan

In the last three weeks, I’ve been on eight planes and two bus trips travelling around Australia and Asia. It’s been a blast, but also a little exhausting!

So when we arrived in the sleepy harbour town of Strahan, Tasmania, it was the perfect place to take a break.

Of course, there are a ton of things you can do in Strahan if you want to. Sail down the Gordon River, take a day trip to Queenstown, visit Sarah Island or head out to Ocean Beach.

We opted for relaxation in the town itself, which has a very long history (at least by Australian standards).

In an area first discovered by Captain James Kelly in 1815, Strahan is found on the West Coast of Tasmania through a 200 metre entrance to Macquarie Harbour (later named Hells Gates by convicts)! Nearby Sarah Island was a convict prison for 11 years between 1822 and 1833, before Strahan itself was founded in 1877.

For a town with such an illustrious history, you could be forgiven for thinking that Strahan may be a large town. Truth be known, the place is tiny, but it is also very beautiful.

We used every opportunity to relax here, only taking the trip out to Ocean Beach so far as tourist activities were concerned. Often called the end of the earth, this place was wild. The windy day on which we visited probably didn’t help!

All in all, Strahan was a lovely spot to visit, though there wasn’t all that much to do outside the standard tours (which, quite frankly, are on the expensive side of things, but don’t get me started on the cost of travel in Australia)!*

So, have you been to Strahan? What did you think? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

The Healthy Globetrotter

*Don’t get me wrong, Australia is the most wonderful country and I’ve been lucky enough to spend many years of my life travelling it. That said, it can be cheaper to visit the South Pacific or Asia then to take a one or two hour flight from Sydney, though that’s a topic for another day ūüôā


#FriFotos – Harbours


This week’s #FriFotos¬†theme on twitter is harbours (or harbors, depending on where in the world you’re sitting right now). Given¬†Sydney is such a beautiful harbour city,¬†I thought I’d dedicate a short post to this particular harbour.

There is a lot to see and do in Sydney and¬†the harbour is only one of them. But if you¬†want to check it out (and I recommend you do), I’d suggest you do it on foot (or if you’re lucky – by boat).

There are a number of lovely walks you can take on both sides of the harbour, though if you¬†stay on the city side you can team the experience with¬†the botanical gardens.¬†A little¬†bit of exercise and¬†all while appreciating the harbour view and gorgeous gardens¬†(this is the best way to be active when travelling – go out and see things on foot!). There’s also a running track which takes you past Mrs Macquarie’s Chair¬†which has one of the best harbour views around!

Sunrise over Sydney Harbour

These photos were taken just two weeks ago, on the ferry to (and at) Taronga Zoo  which coincidentally, also has amazing views of the Sydney Harbour!

Sunset over the harbour

You can actually walk right across the bridge, and a lot of people¬†I¬†know living on the north side of the bridge often walk into the city to get their exercise out of the way¬†first thing in the morning. You have to be a little taller than i¬†am to see above the security fence, but a trip up the pylons to check out the view is only $15 for adults,¬† a significant saving when compared to the Bridge Climb if that’s something you’re considering (starting around $218 for adults)

Taken from the Sky Safari at Taronga Zoo

Sydney is an absolutely gorgeous city, you can see why this doesn’t get old:

Gorgeous Sydney - never gets old

So next time you’re in a city like Sydney – make the most of it! Take a relaxing walk or go for a proper run. You can guarantee with views like this that there will be well-trodden pathways just waiting for you to find them!

The Healthy Globetrotter

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