Cycling the world: Vietnam

I recently posted Running the World, explaining why I always pack my exercise gear, even on short trips. Here’s another reason: cycling.

Now, before I go any further, I am not a cyclist. I’m shamefully scared of cycling on main roads (why do buses and bikes have to share the same lanes here?!) and don’t own a bike in Sydney. That said, there are some great riding trips you can do around the world. I’m all for them when they occur in the countryside!

I travelled to Vietnam with Intrepid Travel. While I love travelling independently, their small group adventures can be very enjoyable, especially if you want to see a reasonable area in a short space of time. As part of my trip, there were several optional activities including bike rides. Without these rides, I wouldn’t have been able to see half as much of the country side in the same amount of time. Definitely worth the work out!


Now, to be honest, taking photos while bike riding isn’t exactly easy. Further, as I was riding as part of a group, I didn’t have the freedom to stop the way I could choose to if I was running by myself. However, it does allow for some accidentally artistic captures!

Totally accidental but I love this shot! 🙂

I loved the scenery riding around different areas of Vietnam. It was truly beautiful. I especially loved taking photos of the workers in the rice paddy fields!

I also loved riding alongside a number of the locals. The people in Vietnam were beautiful, particularly so out in the country – away from the hustle and bustle of the city markets where I did find there was some pressure to buy, buy, buy! That said, I can’t exactly complain – I loved the shopping, particularly getting clothes tailored in Hoi An.

Often we were lucky enough to be out riding when many children were on there way to school. The kids were lovely, sometime oblivious to us, sometimes engaging. Either way, I found it fascinating.

School kids

I loved Vietnam and can’t wait to get back there. There is so much more to see and I’m excited to share more about my adventures there soon!

In the meantime, have you cycled anywhere around the world?

The Healthy Globetrotter

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15 thoughts on “Cycling the world: Vietnam

  1. Agness (@Agnesstramp)

    No way! Me and my friend cycled the full length of Vietnam starting from the North and finishing in Saigon. We cycled for approximately 54 days living in different Niaghi (hostels) every night and having a blast. We also found taking photos while cycling very difficult and we met one amazingly hospitable family we are in touch nowadays. It’s been a great adventure and a challenge as well. How long did you cycle for? What places did you stay in? We cycled like 60-100 km per day staying 2-4 days in some beautiful places like Ninh Binh. We haven’t gone to Sapa, because the road was too difficult for us. You can read some blog posts on our travel website if you wish so. Great to know someone else did it :).

    1. thehealthyglobetrotter Post author

      Well now you’ve just gone and made me feel lazy! I certainly didn’t ride as far as you! 🙂 Well done – i’m very impressed! I travelled from Ho Chi Minh up to Halong Bay and Hanoi, through Hoi An and Hue. I did some riding through Hoi An and Hue, but the rest of the transport was rather conventional i’m afraid! It’s such an excellent way to see the country though. I will definitely take a look at some of your posts and have a read – very interesting!

  2. cezkrol

    Hi Leah,

    Where next are you planning to cycle? I would strongly recommend to take some more time out to fully enjoy the ride, without any rush. Maybe not the full length of a country, but few days of riding and you’ll see that impossible is nothing. Plus you will stop worrying about the traffic, it will all become natural to you.

    Great post, keep it up!

    Safe travels,

    1. thehealthyglobetrotter Post author

      Hi Cez – i certainly will! What you and Agness did looks amazing 🙂 Will reply to your email shortly too!
      Cheers, Leah

    1. thehealthyglobetrotter Post author

      Great work! Agness and Cez who have commented above did a massive cycling trip around Vietnam – you should take a look, their site is at but i’m otherwise happy to answer any questions you might have!
      Cheers, Leah

  3. jennifernon

    I would love to include cycling during my trips as it’s a great way to see the sights. But first, I need to learn to ride a bike. How sad, huh??

    1. thehealthyglobetrotter Post author

      Definitely not! A lot of people were never taught to ride, or swim, or other things, like cook or sew! We all have different skills! If you’re interested, by all means borrow a friend’s bike and get them to help you. I dare day you’ll succeed very easily 🙂 all the best!

      1. jennifernon

        The universe is conspiring to help me learn – first a friend of mine found out I didn’t know how & offered to teach me, then just recently my sister (who just learned how to cycle 2 years ago) bought a new bike and offered to give me her old one. All I need is a helmet and I’m set! 🙂

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