Yes to Turkey. No to bread.

Istanbul is one of those places i’d been dreaming of for a long time until i was lucky enough to make it there recently. Now i just dream of going back. I’d heard nothing but great things about the city and i certainly wasn’t disappointed.

The adventure didn’t start out as planned. Unorganised, i arrived on a flight from Copenhagen that landed around 5am without US dollars to buy a visa. Exhausted i lined up at customs only to be told that without that allusive currency, i wasn’t going anywhere. Fortunately, i was able to track down an ATM that dispensed US dollars and a short while later on my way to meet my friends! Tip: US currency is still powerful pretty much everywhere in the world, carry it with you if you can.

Given some mishaps along the way (a post for another time) by the time i met my friends we were all STARVING and set out for breakfast. Once we’d ordered our breakfasts (fruit and yogurt for some and cooked breakfasts for the rest) a bread basket was brought to the table. Certainly a nice gesture which was readily appreciated given we were all starving. However at lunch later that day, the very same thing happened…again came a side of bread after we ordered our meals. It was the same with EVERY meal we ordered. I’m all for carbohydrates and i’m definitely for bread (yum!) but with literally every meal?! Bread is great, but it is easy to blow out an otherwise healthy meal (or unhealthy meal further) without realising it. Tip: Do not eat all of the (normal) bread. Of course, have some and enjoy it (!) but save yourself for the things you can’t get at home. 

Now i’ve mentioned it before – but i love sampling local cusine and Turkey had plenty. While i said no to the bread i could get at home, here is some that i couldn’t turn down:

Saying yes to some bread!

Turkey had a number of wonderful culinary delights (including Turkish Delight!) and it would be a shame not to try them, but there are also healthy options to be enjoyed!

Corn! This particular cob was disappointing but you can see the excitement all over my face!

A quick swim and a turkish bath followed by all that walking and your day’s turned out not so bad in my view. Especially when the swim comes with a view like this:

Club Suada. Full image credit here goes to a member of our travelling crew, Joshua Barwick.

There will be certainly many posts to come on the wonders of Turkey, but if you’re headed there for a trip, keep the tips above in mind!

The Healthy Globetrotter

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5 thoughts on “Yes to Turkey. No to bread.

  1. Dariya

    I know what you mean by your experience at the airport in Istanbul!!! I felt quite overwhelmed by all people and the passport line..and then the traffic and the number of people in this huge city…so I left on my second day to Kas on a overnight bus…I arrived at the morning and all my being was feeling happy and energized by the sea, mountains & sun…I highly recommend you to go there…you can check my pictures on my FB page…otherwise, I have a blog about healthy lifestyle… (if you are curious!!!)

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